WTC winners will receive $1.6 million in prize money

The final match of the championship will be held at London’s The Oval from June 7 to 11, with June 12 being a reserve day.

The tournament’s prize pool is the same as the first World Test Championship final in 2019-21, a total purse of $3.8 million, in addition to the WTC mace.

Two years ago in Southampton, the New Zealand team, led by Kane Williamson, received $1.6 million in addition to the brilliant mace, thanks to an eight-final victory over India in the six-day final.

All nine teams will receive a share of $3.8 million, and South Africa will receive $450,000 for third place in the WTC 2021-23 standings.

England, which pulled ahead at the last minute and finished its campaign in fourth place, will receive $350,000.

Sri Lanka, which was one of the top teams in the race for a spot in the deciding match during the epic finals, placed fifth and will receive $200,000.

The remaining teams New Zealand (#6), Pakistan (#7), West Indies (#8) and Bangladesh (#9) will each receive $100,000.

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