World Cup 2023: What caused the feud between Shakib al-Hassan and Tamim Iqbal

A player must play any position on the team. The team comes first. It makes no difference if you made 100 or 200 and the team loses. What can you do about personal accomplishments? Are you looking to make a name for yourself? You’re not thinking about the team at all. People don’t understand these things. Why was the offer made to him? It was for the team. What’s wrong with that? You’re a team man for agreeing to such an offer. If you don’t think about it, you’re not a team man. You play for individual records, success, fame, name. Not for the team.

What does Tamim say?

Ever since Tamim announced his shock departure from the team in July and then made a reverse move, his place in the squad has been the subject of much speculation in the Bangladeshi media. The opener, who is Bangladesh’s leading scorer in the format, even took a break for a few weeks to recover from a recurrence of a back injury. However, Tamim has returned to participation recently completed the home a match against New Zealand where he scored a half-century. And soon after the squad for the World Cup was announced, Tamim posted a video message on his Facebook page in which he said he had no problem with his fitness. I told the selectors (after the second ODI against New Zealand) that my body will be what it will be. I will have a little bit of soreness. So when you are selecting the team, keep that in mind, he said.

Tamim also added that he rejected the idea of one of the BCB officials to play at number 3. He said if you play, we plan to have you bat lower down the order. You have to consider my mindset at that point of time. I had just pitched a good game. I was happy. All of a sudden all this talk. It was difficult for me to take it. I’ve been playing the same position for 17 years. I’ve never played number 3 or 4. I don’t have any experience playing middle linebacker. So, naturally, I didn’t take it very well. this conversation. I didn’t like what he (the official) said. I felt that I was being forcibly stopped. So heIf he has overcome one barrier (fitness), let’s create another one for him. That’s what I felt. So I said if you have that kind of mindset, then don’t send me to the World Cup. I don’t want to be in that muck, Tamim said in a video message.

All this drama means Bangladesh, who booked an automatic spot in the World Cup and were building a team for the tournament, look in a mess. Only time will tell if Bangladesh can shrug off these dramas and come together as a unit.

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