Why was Cheteshwar Pujara made the fall guy? Sunil Gavaskar criticizes the selectors

A former Indian captain asked the selectors to explain the criteria for why Pujara was eliminated from the squad while other underdogs remained in the team.

But since he doesn’t have millions of subscribers on platforms that would make a fuss if he was excluded, you exclude him. This is something beyond comprehension.

By what criteria did you expel him and leave others who failed? I don’t know, because there is no media interaction with the chairman of the selection committee right now.

Although the 35 year old 102 test veteran has been scoring a lot of points in the county since the 2022 season, he has not been able to do the same in India.

However, Gavaskar believes Pujara should not have been eliminated from the team.

He played village cricket. So he has played a lot of red-call cricket and knows what it is, he said.

People today can play up to 39-40 years old, and as long as you make runs, I don’t think age should be a factor. With the exception of (Ajinca) Rahane, the batting order has completely failed. Why Pujara became a reserve player should be explained by the selectors, he added.

Gavaskar also said that the selectors did not take into account the performance of a player like Sarfaraz Khan in the Ranji Trophy.

Sarfaraz Khan has averaged 100 goals each of the last three seasons. What does he have to do to get him on the team? He may not be in the XI, but you get him on the team, he said.

Tell him his performances are recognized. Otherwise, stop playing in the Ranji Trophy. Tell him it’s useless, you just play in the IPL and think you’re good enough to play red ball as well, he added.

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