Who knows, maybe the NCA was too quick to exonerate him?: Gautam Gambhir questions Shreyas Iyer’s place in the World Cup squad

In the coming days you will see that Iyer will not be in the squad for the World Cup and someone will replace him. You should always go to the world cup with healthy players.

Performance is a different thing. Imagine if a player suffers a cramp or something, you can’t find a replacement for him.

So if Iyer wasn’t fit at this tournament, it’s very difficult for him to take part in the World Cup because of the injury and we don’t even know what kind of shape he’s in now.

Whatever his form is, that was 7-8 months ago, after which he played only one match. So that’s unfortunate.

If there are any questions, ask the NCA because that’s where he was all those months and then got clearance from there as well. Who knows, maybe they gave him the clearance too quickly, Gambhir asked.

Meanwhile, Indian team captain Rohit Sharma had earlier said that Iyer is 99% healthy.

Shreyas was unavailable. for this game because certain parameters were kept for him. I think he fulfilled most of them today.

I have to say he’s 99 percent fine at this point. But he looks good, he’s been batting and playing the field for a long time, and he was on the ground long before we got on the court.

I don’t think it’s a concern for us, the captain said.

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