Which of the Asian cricket rivalries is the sharpest? India-Pakistan, Afghanistan-Pakistan or Bangladesh-Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka have been the 50-over and 20-over world champions and are the reigning champions in the Asia Cup, which they have won a record six times. Even before Sri Lanka attained Test team status, it produced players who were considered world class. And after it started playing in long formats, it has claimed the highest number of wickets in Tests. Aravinda de Silva is home to arguably the most devastating middle order batsman since Viv Richards. It has given the sport such graceful, eye pleasing batsmen who can be watched all day long as they create long partnerships. It’s also where one of the greatest captains Arjuna Ranatunga, who today looks unrecognizable after a drastic weight loss, hails from.

And they are opposed by a team of underdogs who didn’t always fulfill their responsibilities. They were given Test status by being the least prepared, and unsurprisingly for years this was reflected in the results, although they did manage a few wins. Then, in the last decade, they began to live up to their nickname of the Tigers with famous victories, but at home. But this is a team with a lot of emotion, with passionate fans and home support reminiscent of what cricket in India was like in the 80s and 90s. In ODIs, they have players who can definitely fight for a place among other teams. The growth is there and so is the rivalryAustralia after the monkey-gate, the Lanka Premier League has failed to improve relations between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh players.

There is an advantage to playing with Shakib in the LPL. Bangladesh players sometimes make decisions too fast. I couldn’t learn much because he is not the type to talk much. Although we played in the same team, we didn’t share much. When the Asia Cup is ahead, it’s better not to reveal your plans, Shanaka said.

Bangladesh often fail to contain their emotions at crucial moments. This has led to

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