When Virender Sehwag locked himself in a hotel room for two days after the 2007 world championship fiasco

In 2007, India did not make it to the knockout stage of the masterpiece tournament after embarrassing defeats to Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Everyone thought we would make it to the next round. We had a two-day break after the league stage. We lost, we didn’t have tickets. We had to spend two extra days in Trinidad and Tobago without practice. During those two days I didn’t ask for any room service or cleaning, I didn’t even leave my room. With the help of a relative in the U.S., I got myself a Prison Break and finished three seasons of the show in that time, the former Indian opener said on the Breakfast with the Champions program.

It hurt more in 2007. Our team in 2007 was the best team in the world at the time. On paper, you won’t find a better team than that, either before or after. We lost the finals in 2003, we won in 2011, but we never had big names like that. We lost 2 matches, won 1, and that was against Bermuda, Sehwag said.

Nevertheless, Sehwag played a crucial role in India winning the 2011 World Cup by giving the team a fast start.

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