Watch: When Johnny Bairstow waited to stump the batsman in county cricket

Johnny Bairstow expressed shock at his dismissal during Ashes’ 2nd Test at Lord’s, but new footage has surfaced online showing the Englishman trying to dismiss the batter in the county, waiting a considerable amount of time before striking him out.

The video appeared in the background of Bairstow’s controversial last-day dismissal.

He dodged Cameron Green’s hit and came out of his box to talk to Stokes.

He thought the umpires told Over, which meant the ball was dead. Goalkeeper Alex Carey teed up the ball in his wicket, and Bairstow was rightly stumped.

But he couldn’t believe it, and Stokes was furious, believing that Cummins should have overturned the decision to somehow show sportsmanship.

The dismissal elicited a long and loud booing from the crowd at Lord’s, and the Australian players were verbally abused by MCC members in the usually quiet Long Room of the stadium.

England eventually lost by 43 runs and lost 2-0 in the five-Test series.

But another video proved that England’s keeper himself attempted the same stumping tactic during Australia’s innings when the bat was Marnus Labuschagne, which is now considered not in the spirit of the game after Bairstow’s controversial dismissal at Lord’s.

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