Virat Kohli reveals his new Yo-Yo account on social media ahead of Asia Cup 2023

The Yo-Yo Test was pioneered in the Indian cricket team during Kohli’s reign, which emphasized fitness.

Developed by Danish soccer physiologist Jens Bangsbo, it is a test of maximal aerobic endurance involving running between markers spaced 20 meters apart at increasing speeds until exhaustion.

The most common variant involves running between two markers 20 meters apart at audible cues dictating the desired running speed. After each 40-meter run, participants take an active break for 10 seconds before running 40 meters again.

At intervals, the required running speed is increased. The test continues until the participants can no longer maintain the required pace.

The Indian cricket team has assembled at a preparatory camp in Alur, Bangalore, since Thursday ahead of the Asia Cup in Sri Lanka; the top players, who have undergone a 13-day fitness program, will undergo a full body check-up including blood.

Coaches will check their fitness and those who are not up to standard will be dropped as the BCCI does not want to take any chances in a World Cup year.

Players who have returned from the West Indies tour and are not involved in the ongoing three-match T20 series against Ireland have been asked to follow a 13-day program.

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