Usman Khawaja condemns disrespectful behavior of MCC members

Khawaja added that he had always preferred to play Lordes before. The audience is great, especially the members, and some of the things that came out of the members’ mouths were really frustrating, and I wasn’t going to just stand by and put up with it. So I just talked to some of them.

Some of them were making some pretty serious accusations, and I just called them on it, and they kept going, and I said, Well, this is your membership here. So I’m just pointing them out. But that’s pretty disrespectful, to be honest. I just expect more from the members.

MCC released a statement apologizing to the Australian team for the incident.

The long room is a unique place in world cricket, and the great privilege of players coming through the pavilion is very special, the statement said.

Emotions were high after the morning game, and unfortunately a few members of the Australian team exchanged words with some of them.

We have unreservedly apologized to the Australian team and will deal with any team member who does not meet our expected standards through disciplinary procedures.

There was no need to eject anyone from the field and we are pleased to report that a repeat of this did not occur when the players took the field to participate in today’s

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