Tripura cricket coach Lance Klusener says the fields and wickets in the state are great, and assures to help promote the sport

Arriving in the state on Saturday, the former cricketer said he was not aiming to provide training for any particular team.

I came here for all teams. Whether it’s cricket players, or umpires, or coaches, I want to inspire and help those who are looking for that. I hope my involvement will help raise the prospects of cricket here, he said.

Klusener is expected to be here for 20-24 days to familiarize himself with the reality of the situation and, accordingly, make a plan of action.

Speaking to reporters after his first visit to various cricket grounds, including the Maharaja Bir Bikram Stadium (MBB), Klusener said: There is a good field here. One thing that strikes me in India is good outfields. The outfield is great. The wicket is good, the indoor facility is great. I think that’s important because it rains a lot here. Players are always looking for excuses not to perform. The good thing here is that they don’t have many excuses for not performing.

He said he hasn’t met the players of the different teams from Tripura yet and will meet them soon.

The players want to improve in different areas, and I’m here to help them do that. We start tomorrow. I’m not here to take anyone’s place, I’m here to observe and help where I can, he added.

Known for his explosive strikes and right-handed bowling, the Tournament Man at the 1999 World Cup said that with a lot of talent and dedication, you can succeed and beat people from big cities and states, even if there isn’t the proper infrastructure.

We can support and prompt, but the passion has to come from within. I can understand the challenges, as I come from a small state. You may think that representing your country is not in your power. I came here to help them with the best conditions. We can give players, whether they are men or women, the opportunity to play for India or take part in the IPL, he said.

Asked about the Cricket World Cup to be held in India later this year, Klusener said the hosts have an opportunity to become champions.

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