Too much analysis, too many commentators, too many statistics…: David Lloyd doesn’t like modern cricket commentators

These days there are three commentators on staff, with a statistician and an expert analyst at the ready. Lloyd, not surprisingly, is not a fan. It’s not uncommon now to have nine or ten commentators. Too many. You can go to the photo-op in the afternoon and not miss your cue.

He is also against over-training commentators. I’ll clean it up right away…I’ve never seen them (former commenters) with a note. Not one of them. They describe what’s going on. Next ball. Tell me what you see. The next pitch is not in the book you wrote last night.

He also wants more silence behind the microphone. I’m listening to the new commentators – the flying commentators – and the golden rule: don’t talk when he runs in. If you’re talking and telling him about Jimmy five years ago in this match and the stump flies out of the ground, you’ve hit the mark. Silence has untold value.

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