‘They embarrassed the Institute’: MCC restricts members’ access to Lorde Pavilion after incident during Ashes test

Video footage shot on Sunday (including some that was made in clear violation of our rules) is available for public viewing, said Carnegie-Brown.

Club members shown on camera embarrassed MCC.

Their actions hinder our efforts to promote the positive things our club does to promote and celebrate the game.

Bruce Carnegie-Brown also asked club members to respond and help identify other perpetrators who have disgraced MCC.

The problems with members’ behavior that day don’t end there, Carnegie-Brown said.

If new evidence emerges and additional witness testimony is gathered, additional disciplinary sanctions will undoubtedly be taken.

We encourage any member who has information that could lead to the identification of others to contact us.

It is unacceptable for any of us to point fingers at others unless we ourselves are willing to intervene when we see behavior that is not what is expected of members.

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