The India-Pakistan match is not all there is to the ODI World Cup: Pakistan National Team Director Mickey Arthur

From the fan’s point of view, from the point of view of the emotions and the relationship between the two countries, you can understand the interest that it arouses and the emotions that go along with it. But in terms of cricket, I think in order to win the World Cup, you have to perform well against all the teams, the South African added.

Arthur was intent on reducing the level of pressure and actually already started psychological games, saying that the pressure would be on India.

The expectations for the Indian team at the World Cup will be very high. They are a good team, and how well they perform will depend on their ability to withstand the pressure that will come from playing at home, he said.

Arthur said he too is looking forward to the game but wants to see how Pakistan handle the pressure.

The Australian coach also insists that the Pakistani team management did not insist that the match against Afghanistan in Chennai be played in Bengaluru.

Yes, we discussed the issue, but it was just a discussion. Not that all our plans depended on Afghanistan not playing in Chennai. Look, any team would want to play Afghanistan somewhere else. He admitted that the impression given by the news that Pakistan had asked to switch venues for matches against Afghanistan and Australia was not very pleasant and gave a negative impression of the Pakistani team.

Arthur, who coached the Paki

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