‘Test English batters with more bouncers’: Ian Healy and Michael Kasprowicz want the Australian seamstresses to tighten up a bit on Day 3

I’m worried about our bowlers. We have three bowlers who play six times a game.

If it wasn’t for Pat Cummins and Nathan Lyon, we’d be nowhere. After all, they shared the wickets between them.

Australia will work incredibly hard in the first session to keep the game tight and create enough lateral movement to get some wickets.

I would just like to see the bowling get a little stronger. Right now the wicket looks pretty good for the batting.

Australia conceded 416 runs and England responded by making 278 for 4 in the first innings.

Australia took some late wickets to get on an even keel. I’d say that’s the level, and that’s great, Healy said.

Former Australia pacer Michael Kasprowicz wants Australian pacers to test the English by using more short balls. Three England batters have been removed from short balls.

England were on top, 1-188 before our return, he said on SEN Running Capt.

We got three more wickets with short balls. That’s part of your arsenal as a fast bowler – just messing up the batsman’s legs.

I want to see more bounces, check batsmen. Make them think about the short ball.

Another thing that has been missing is maiden overs. The Australian bowlers made only five maidens.

Of course, this is a result of the way (English) batsmen play, but what should be done in Test cricket is to (pitch) consistent maidens.

Increase the pressure, make the batsmen play out of their comfort zone, and of course the bouncer is all part of it.

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