‘Stay retired’: Tim Paine doubles down on his support for Ben Stokes for retiring

You don’t have to agree, people in England don’t have to agree, I don’t care, Payne was quoted by The Sen as saying in response to Vaughan.

His leadership and everything he brings to the team; there is no doubt that with Ben Stokes, the England team will walk taller and more confident. But going out to a big tournament, playing in it and possibly moving on again – I personally don’t like it.

If you come out of retirement and say I’m only going to play one-day cricket, then no problem.

15 months ago say I’m going to take a break from one-day cricket, that I’m not retiring, and then don’t double down on what you said a month ago.

I stand by my opinion.

He’s a good man according to everyone I know who knows him and he’s a phenomenal player.


My thing is… It’s a bit me, me, me isn’t it?

It could be seen as me retiring and only taking someone else’s place for the duration of the World Cup. The optics of that are not good, especially when you do an interview a month ago, double down on it and say, I’ve retired from one-day cricket and I’m not going to change that.

He retired, stay retired.

England will play their first match on October 5 against New Zealand in Ahmedabad.

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