‘Sink or Swim’: How Mitchell Marsh, who replaced Cameron Greene, is racking up a brilliant century in Ashes

It was a bit unexpected and very unfortunate for Greenie.

Marsh, who had suffered several unfortunate injuries, was added to the team as a backup to Cameron Green. Marsh says he is the first man to score a hundred points while on vacation in Great Britain.

There are always times when you spend some time away from the game and you think you might not come back, he said.

I had to work hard, I decided to have surgery on my ankle and miss last summer to go on this tour, knowing I was going to be Greenie’s understudy. I’m very proud to be back.

Marsh says his experience playing the fast pitches of Western Australia helped him against Wood’s explosive pace.

It was a great battle with Wood). I grew up on WACA. Drown or swim when playing fast bowling.

I always considered that to be my strength. I was always going to do pulling strikes if the ball was right for me.

As a team, we have to bring him (Wood) down in the second inning and, regardless of what the game throws us tomorrow, try to take the lead in the third inning.

When Marsh was asked how he keeps his morale up while away from the Australian national team, he pointed to his Baggy Green cap and said: I wanted to wear it again.

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