‘Shubman plays cricket even in T20 format’: Vengsarkar praises Gill ahead of WTC final

Shubman Gill is an outstanding cricketer. We expect a lot from him. He has a very bright future for India. He is a very skillful player. He has good character and all other necessary qualities to play for India for a long time and become a match-winner, Vengsarkar told the Hindustan Times newspaper.

Then he added: If you look closely at his bat, the strokes he takes are mostly as instructed. They are all cricket strokes even in T20 format. That’s why he’s a player of all formats.

Vengsarkar also said that Ajinkya Rahane should get an advantage over Suryakumar Yadav to start at Lord’s, and Rishabh Pant’s absence should mean that K.S. Bharat will also start for India.

English conditions are very different from what we see here in India or even in Australia. In these conditions, the ball can take longer to swing. The length with which bowlers play is also a bit different. And if there is extra bounce, it is even more difficult. So I hope Indian batters acclimate quickly. They’re all experienced players. They’ve gone to England before. The same goes for Australia. The team that adapts and acclimatizes to the conditions faster will succeed, said Vengsarkar.

According to Rohit Sharma, 67, the conditions are the problem he is likely to face. Sharma’s form with the Mumbai Indians team in the 2023 IPL season was not good. But Vengsarkar said it’s not so much the form that could be a problem, but the change in format. Most Indian batsmen won’t have the luxury of practice games or preparation camps before a single Test match.

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