Scott Boland turned down the opportunity to take part in the WTC finals and the Ashes tournament to keep things fresh.

As only the second native Australian to play in the Test, Boland made his debut in December 2021 at the last Ashes tournament, where he asserted himself to the fullest extent, delivering an outrageous 6-7 spell in the second inning for four ounces.

But at 34, Boland is no longer young, and he said he wants to make playing only for his country and Victoria a priority at this point in his career.

I had the opportunity to play county cricket this year, but I preferred to be fresher before six Tests in two months, Boland told

I know my body and if I am at a stage where I am tired, I want to continue my career as long as possible. I don’t want to burn out.

In that series against England, Boland was one of the best players to score 18 goals in three Tests – second only to Pat Cummins (21) and Mitchell Stark (19) – when Australia kept the Ashes.

Quix’s rotation was the key to Australia’s 4-0 series win, and Boland said they would have to employ a similar strategy in England.

The fast bowlers will have trouble playing all six matches, Boland said.

I’m definitely getting ready to play. It could be in the beginning, it could be in the middle of the game, I’m not sure. But I plan to play and I’m happy to play whenever I get picked.

Australia will face India at the Oval in the WTC finals from June 7-11, followed by the first Ashes test at Edgbaston on June 16.

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