‘Rules don’t apply to us, we’re defenders of the spirit of cricket’: Xavier Doherty condemns the crowd mentality in England, calling it a byproduct of Baseball

England would play really good cricket at times and then do something terribly stupid and then just say, Well, it’s all just part of the game.

Dougherty says that England, with the exception of their skipper Ben Stokes, have been generally reckless in the current Ash draw.

At this point in this Test they are in a reasonable position…but outside of Ben Stokes they have generally just been reckless and have thrown the game back in favor of Australia, Doherty said.

Moen Ali’s dismissal last night is just unbelievable. They were in a tight spot, Ali and Stokes tried to get the lead back, Pat Cummins hit it back, he got the top edge and the ball dropped 20 yards from the fielder, Australia on the next ball puts the fielder right where the ball landed, he does the same thing, he gets caught and goes off saying, That’s just the way we play.

Theoretically, it’s not bad…but there’s a reason why Test cricket is played the way it is played.

Doherty, who has played 4 Tests, 60 ODIs and 11 T20Is, called the outrage over Johnny Baristow’s dismissal a byproduct of baseball.

It’s just another excuse for the English to call Australia crooks…it’s like a mob mentality, he said.

The cricket crowd there turns into the soccer crowd with their shouting and insults.

It’s just the unaccountable mentality they have: the rules don’t apply to us anymore

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