Rohit Sharma’s captaincy has improved, India are the most dangerous team in the World Cup – Shoaib Akhtar

India have announced their arrival at the World Cup. They could be the most dangerous team at the World Cup. India have a formidable team – good pace and spin attack. They have fulfilled all the requirements.

India, hats off to you, you have done a wonderful job. After the first game (against Pakistan) it looked like they were going to be outsiders, but they did very well.

Meanwhile, on Samaa TV, Shahid Afridi was praising India’s bowling attack. It looked like a real Test attack in English conditions. I really enjoyed watching Mohammed Siraj and Jasprit Bumrah play. They didn’t try to do anything flashy, they hit the right areas.

His co-host, former Pakistan batsman Mohammad Yousuf drew attention to the way the Indians batting in the Test series. It comes from the fact that Indians are playing well in Tests. This is the length at which you can create problems for the batsmen if the ball moves a little bit; even if he doesn’t move. I believe that if you are a good Test bowler, you can create problems for the batsmen.stacking all formats.

Siraj himself said this after the Asia Cup final.

When I play white-ball cricket, my only attempt is that I try to swing at the new ball at the start. But here, in the first few matches, there was not much swing. Today it swung and I tried to get the batters to play as much as possible. It feels good when the ball catches the edge. I haven’t taken many wickets with my outswing – today I took a lot of wickets with my outswing, so that was nice.

I had so much swing today, I was trying to get the batters to drive the ball, get them forward and take their wickets. That was my plan. I didn’t chase wickets, but the conditions did a lot of the work for me. If you keep hitting the wicket with one line, the wickets will come, Siraj said.

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