Rishi Sunak rips Australian PM: Didn’t bring sandpaper with him, Albanese reveals 2-1 scoreline in Ashes series

Trying to keep up, Albanese said: I wanted to be very provocative, and pulled out a picture of Bairstow, who was kicked out in the second Test.

I’m sorry I didn’t bring sandpaper with me, Sunak quickly replied, referring to the previous ball-swapping scandal that occurred in 2018.

Taking to Twitter, Sunak wrote: I promised Anthony Albanese to give him one of our ministerial folders.

Naturally, it contained a little reminder of this past weekend… Two more to go.

Earlier on Tuesday, Australia’s prime minister defended his country’s Ashes cricket team after his British counterpart said dismissal in the second Test was against the spirit of the game.

Same Aussies – always winning, Albanese wrote on his Twitter, alluding to the chanting of English fans after the decision that went something like this: Same Aussies – always cheating.

During the fifth day’s play, with England leading 193/5 and aiming for a target of 371, Australian wicketkeeper Alex Carey stumped the ball after batsman Jonny Bairstow left his position at the end of one of the overs.

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