Ricky Ponting’s opinion on pay inequality in Test cricket has been the subject of discussion, but has not been developed: ICC

Earlier this month, during the final match of the World Test Championship, Ponting said that there were discussions at a very high level in the ICC about small-country cricketers being paid well for playing in a five-day format.

However, ICC Cricket General Manager Waseem Khan said the issue was raised at one of the Cricket Committee meetings but was not further developed.

I think that may have been a misquote. The issue was originally raised in the ICC Cricket Committee. It was an issue for discussion, but of course nothing was done about payments to players.

Ricky’s opinion was the subject of discussion, as were many other things in the Cricket Committee, but there was no discussion with the committee members about it, Wasim told reporters.

The cricket committee is chaired by former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly.

During the May 19 event, Ponting said: … make the payments more even in international Test cricket to attract players from different countries who want to play for their country.

It’s something that’s been talked about at a very high level at the ICC to help that …, he said.

With the rapid development of T20 cricket, more and more players are opting for national franchise leagues, especially players from the West Indies.

In the ICC’s proposed financial model for 2024-27, revenues for the 12 nations playing Tests will increase significantly.

It’s fair to say that what members will receive in the next cycle will be more than what they previously received. Payouts to players are up to the members (individual boards), he said.

We must co-exist: Wasim on the threat of franchise cricket =====================================

With the game entering uncharted territories through T20 leagues, the international calendar is busier than ever.

Responding to a question about the growing threat of franchise cricket, Wasim said: The fact is that highly competitive domestic T20 leagues are being created around the world. It gives more choice to the fans, more choice to the players, and because of that you see improvements in our White Ball World Cups.

With the advent of leagues, we have to find a way to coexist. We have to coexist moving forward. What’s great is that the members have signed up to play in the WTC for next year.We have some major stars of the game talking about the importance of Test cricket.

This is an ongoing issue: Wasim on Pakistan’s participation in ODI World Cup ==============================================

Pakistan Cricket Board chief Najam Sethi has made it clear that the national team will not go to India for the ODI World Cup in October-November unless the latter plays its Asian Cup matches in Pakistan.

ICC director general Jeff Allardyce and chairman Greg Barclay are now in Pakistan for routine meetings, but they are also expected to discuss the cricket stalemate between the arch-rivals.

The ICC will announce the World Cup schedule during the WTC finals.

Wasim didn’t talk much about this controversial topic.

This is what is going on at the moment. Jeff Allardyce and Greg Barclay are in Pakistan right now discussing a number of issues with the PCB leadership, but it’s certainly up to the two countries and ICC leadership to discuss and come to some kind of conclusion, he

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