Rajasthan Royals helps me manage my finances so I can focus on playing cricket: Yashaswi Jaiswal

Jaiswal said Rajasthan Royals has helped him a lot because the franchise helps him manage his resources.

The main thing for me is cricket, that’s what I focus on. I think I’ve had a lot of support from Rajasthan Royals on that. They manage me financially, the franchise tells me how I should invest my money, he said.

They take care of my finances so I can focus on cricket. I’m very grateful and have immense respect for all the franchises that do this for their players.

Jaiswal said that after three or four years of playing in the IPL, he has grown as a cricketer and as a person.

It also depends on the relationship between people. I’ve been playing IPL cricket for the last three or four years. I’ve seen all sorts of things, I know what to do and what not to do. Now I have experience as well and I am trying to make fewer mistakes and just want to focus on my game, he said.

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