Pride of Play for the West Indies Must Be Returned: West Indies Legends Gordon Greenidge and Joel Garner

You see! I haven’t been watching too much cricket lately, especially with the white ball. The loss to the West Indies used to hurt a lot, but it doesn’t hurt as much now as our standards have fallen over the years.

But yes, the World Cup is just unthinkable without the West Indies. We don’t have any more depth to hit, Greenidge told PTI.

The 72-year-old former West Indies opener’s opinion resonated with Garner.

We’re not what we used to be, right! There used to be a lot of pride in playing for the West Indies. That was our motivation. Young players are more attracted to T20 leagues now. It’s not their fault, because everyone is looking around for safety, Garner said.

Our generation didn’t get too much money either, they mostly came from county cricket. But now the current generation of cricketers have plenty of opportunities to make money, and they can’t be blamed for taking advantage of them. There needs to be a return of pride in the West Indies, the 70-year-old Barbadian added.

When the West Indies failed to qualify for the 2022 ICC T20 World Cup Super-12, then Cricket West Indies president Ricky Skerritt promised a thorough investigation and review of the situation. But judging by recent events, nothing much has happened since then. Clearly, Skerritt is disappointed.

I am deeply disappointed that the West Indies missed out on a World Cup spot. It is extremely disappointing given the high legacy that our cricket has, he said.

Cricket fans from all over the world will be hoping for this!

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