‘No problem with the spirit of the game here’: Brian Lara speaks out about Johnny Bairstow’s stump

Well done Alec Stewart! (1997) Well done Alex Carey! (2023).You both intended to make the stump/run out as soon as the ball was in your gloves.

Lara also said that it was a batter’s mistake and keepers shouldn’t be at fault, as it was completely within the rules.

If the batter had been careful, he would have stayed in his cage, he said.

Lara cited Diego Maradona’s famous arm-god goal during the 1986 World Cup and reminded fans that this was not the first time such incidents have occurred in sports.

We have seen the hand of god from #goat and many other incidents in all sports, let’s move on to the next challenge, he said.

Australia leads 2-0 in the Ashes series, and the third test in Leeds is an even contest.

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