My wife thought I must be joking: Anil Kumble on bowling with a broken jaw

I told my wife Chetna and called her. When we were talking, I said: Look, I know I have to come home because I just need surgery. And she organized the whole thing in Bangalore.

…And when I dropped the call, I just told her I was going bowling, but she thought I must be just kidding, Kumble recalled in an interview with JioCinema.

I don’t think she took it seriously. What did he say? The former India captain said that even after breaking his jaw, he felt it was his duty to make some wins for the team.

When I came back to the changing room, I saw Sachin bowling because he was the only guy in the team who could bowl and then Wavell Hinds I think was bowling, I can’t remember, someone else was batting, Kumble said.

And I thought this is my chance. I’ve got to go and take a couple of wickets. If we can take West Indies out by three or four points, at the end of the second or third day. I think if we can knock them out, we might have a chance to win the game. That was the only thought.

So I said to Andrew Leipus: Take me out on the field. The next day Kumble had to fly to Bangalore for an operation and that’s when he said: At least now I can go home with the thought that I tried my best. Batting at number 7, Kumble was hit by Mervyn Dillon’s short ball.

He spat out blood but continued to play for 2 more

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