LSG vs MI Live Score, IPL 2023 Eliminator: Mumbai Indians win toss, decide to play against Lucknow Super Giants, players named

Although Lucknow, huffing and puffing, made it to Chennai, unlike Mumbai, they have a more balanced team, which should give them an advantage. While they didn’t miss the absence of Rahul at the top, they had to make reshuffles at the top of the team, with De Kock becoming the preferred option instead of Kyle Myers.

With Gautam Gambhir at the helm as team mentor, Lucknow is also one of the most strategically intelligent teams in the world, using match-ups and the kicker rule to their advantage. While Lucknow has developed their strategies well, Mumbai are pioneers when it comes to using analytics and player selection. In a format where tactical nuances tend to give you the edge, the Lucknow vs. Mumbai match will give you pleasure. Read more from Venkata Krishna B.

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