Just Stop Oil protesters briefly disrupted Ashes cricket test between England and Australia

Some orange powder was thrown, but only on the grass, away from the field.

Police arrested three people and took them into custody, London Metropolitan Police said in a statement.

Bairstow went to the England locker room to clean himself of the powder, Lord’s staff quickly removed what little orange had fallen on the grass, and play resumed about five minutes later.

Protesters Just Stop the Oil have disrupted other major sporting events in Britain this year. This month they briefly held up the England national team bus during a test against Ireland in London, and they have also attacked Premier League soccer matches, the Premier League rugby final at Twickenham and the World Snooker Championship in Sheffield.

By their actions they not only endanger themselves and those who work on the ground, but they have continually shown a total disregard for the people who pay to attend events, not only here at Lord’s, but across the country at other sports centers, said Marylebone Cricket Club chief executive Guy Lavender in a statement.

Activists want the British government to stop licensing and producing new fuels.

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