‘It’s not entertaining, it’s just stupid’: Michael Vaughn and Geoffrey Boycott berate England for throwing all its weight behind the second day of play

During the first 182 runs, I saw the England team come out to bat and play very spectacularly because they executed the right cricket strokes, Vaughn said on the BBC Test Match Special.

What happened after that for the next hour or so was utter stupidity.

It’s not entertainment, sorry, it’s silly cricket in a Test match, and Australia will love this method because when the ball doesn’t swing for the next few weeks, guess what they’ll do.

Vaughan pointed to Crawley’s dismissal as one of the holes yet to be filled in the current England team.

Zach Crawley just did what Zach Crawley does, Vaughn said on the BBC Test Match Special.

Plays well, plays great, you think: come on, this is your day. He got to 48 and then just pitched an easy wicket.

That’s the problem with this England team …. they don’t understand when they’re on top, he said.

They just keep using that method. There was no need for this dismissal.

If you hit beautifully on a pitch like that, you say you played well, but there’s not a lot of beautiful balls on that surface right now. Play reasonably.

Jeffrey Boycott called Duckett a silly boy for giving away his wicket in the 98th minute. Josh Hazlewood shot under Duckett’s ribs, but he was only able to uncomfortably kick the ball to David Warner, who was well away from the ropes on the penalty foot.

They want to attack everything and never be tied down. When you’re like that, ego takes over, and that took Pope and Duckett out of the game, Jeffrey Boycott wrote in The Telegraph.

Australia continued to play on England’s ego, and Joe Root complied.

Hook shots allowed Australia to get back into the match when they had them by the throat. At one point England was on the upswing and very much on the upswing…but gave up before this flurry.

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