It surprises me that not a single Australian thought the appeal was wrong: Stuart Broad says nothing has changed since the days of the sandpaper gate

Especially considering what their team has gone through in recent years, with all their cultural changes. None of them said: Hang on, guys. I’m not really sure about that. Not one of them thought: He’s not getting any advantage. He’s not trying to get an advantage. That’s the end of the over. It’s a bit of an accidental deletion. We have to overturn this appeal.

Broad thinks Pat Cummins will regret the decision, and he doesn’t see the Australian team’s playing culture renewed on the field under his leadership.

Ultimately, Pat Cummins is a great guy, and I would be amazed if, after the emotions have subsided, he doesn’t sit back and think: I was wrong, even though his goal at the time was to win the Test match, he said.

I was outraged by Australia’s decision, especially after hearing them talk about creating a new legacy for the team and how they have changed since the 2018 South Africa tour, he added.

I just told Pat on replay: All this booing is for you, for your decision. And: What a great opportunity you had to think hard.

Stuart Broad also rejected comparisons to the video that appeared showing Bairstow attempting a similar stunt to fend off Australian No. 3 Marnus Labuschagne on Day 3 at Lord’s.

Yes, I saw a clip taken early in the match when Johnny as the wicketkeeper himself threw the ball at the stump. But that was because Marnus Labuschagne was batting outside his

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