Irfan Pathan claims Connor Williams didn’t become a coach because he didn’t say hello to Kieran More

I am writing to bring to your attention an issue of extreme concern that occurred during today’s CAC meeting. It is with great disappointment that I witnessed an incident involving a member of the Baroda cricket team that is contributing to the downfall of our esteemed institution. The actions and statements made by Kiran More during the meeting left me deeply concerned, Pathan wrote in a lengthy letter.

It goes on to say: Mora’s claim that he would prevent Connor Williams from joining the Baroda Ranji coaching staff just because of a perceived lack of greeting (He doesn’t say Hi to me) is in my opinion an absurd and paltry excuse. Such behavior is not befitting of a dignitary like Mohr and reflects poorly on the values we hold as an organization.

Pathan urged the association to rise above such trivialities and put the good of Baroda cricket first. He further wrote: Williams himself is a Ranji Trophy champion and has dedicated more than a decade of his life to representing Baroda cricket. It is fitting that we recognize and respect his contribution. Our organization is bigger than individuals and we need to keep this fundamental principle in mind.

Pathan has requested the decision makers of Baroda cricket to intervene and resolve the matter expeditiously. It is very important that we create an atmosphere of professionalism, respect and justice

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