‘I’m just trying to learn…’: Cameron Green on the transition from IPL to Test cricket before the WTC finals

A tall, versatile player, Green has exceptional command of both the bat and the ball.

After being traded to the IPL, Green has had a little over a week to prepare for the red ball game. Unconcerned about the format change, Green is confident in how smoothly he will make the transition.

The more you face it, the easier it gets, Green told cricket.com.au before the WTC finals.

That’s what I’m trying to take on board this time, making changes. I know what worked last time and what didn’t, so I’m just trying to learn to adapt faster and better.

England play their cricket pretty aggressively, so maybe don’t change too much.

Maybe starting (my pitch) last year, I probably defended too much instead of just aiming to score. Then you can defend when you see good ball, just by making the right decisions.

So this time I’m going to strive to score and then if the ball is good, defend.

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