ICC Chairman Greg Barclay, CEO Allardyce to meet with Najam Sethi in Lahore to discuss WC stalemate

ICC executives, in addition to Network, will also meet with PCB Chief Operating Officer Barrister Salman Nasir and other senior board officials.

For now, Sethi is taking the PCB position that if India does not come to Pakistan for the Asia Cup, they will also demand that their games be played in Bangladesh.

Barclay and Allardyce would like to get a clearer picture and also break the deadlock on this issue, as India playing against Pakistan in Dhaka would be very bad publicity not only for the BCCI, but for the worldwide organization.

A PCB insider claims that Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and even Nepal have told Shah that they have no problem with holding a few games in Pakistan and the rest of the competition should be held in Sri Lanka in September.

Barclay will be visiting Pakistan for the first time, although Allardyce has been in Lahore frequently since he took over the ICC.

Barclay will be the first ICC chairman to visit Pakistan since ICC President Ray Mali visited in 2008.

This will also be the first time since October 2004 that both top ICC officials will visit PCB headquarters.

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