I went up to McCallum and said: Please explain this to me: Kevin Petersen on England’s Declaration at Edgbaston

Former England player Kevin Pietersen gave his thoughts on Ben Stokes’ statement on day one.

Speaking to former England captain Nasser Hussain for the Daily Mail, he said: We are at a time when Test cricket needs to change because the competition is so great. But I’m answering this question slowly because I’m still not 100 percent sure… No, I would never declare. Because against Australia, on Ash’s first day, 393 points, you think you have enough points on an even field.

There was almost a method to my madness. The way I played, I wasn’t looking to throw the game out of my mind. I wanted to increase the score. I wanted to win. I’m just not 100 percent convinced yet that I’m extremely positive, he added.

I like being positive. But just in this series in particular, I still have to get my act together. I went up to McCallum on Saturday and said: Please explain it to me, because I don’t understand anything. I’ve been doing this my whole career. I gave you a spray in Australia in 2006. I said, Dude, what are you saying and why are you saying it?

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