I was annoyed with the Shane Warne biopic, it was too cynical. Ian Healy condemns Channel 9 show about legendary leg catcher

The first part of a biographical film about Shane Warne aired on Channel Nine Sunday night.

Cricket veteran Robert Craddock was also outraged by the bitterness in the series.

There’s a lot of bitterness and anger, Craddock said on SEN radio. I think it comes through the lens, which I have to admit I also watched a little bit when I heard that the family, including his ex-wife Simone, thought it was too soon.

I get that too because it was described as a celebration of his life. No, it wasn’t, it was actually a portrayal of his life, and it has many of Warney’s faults and shortcomings.

Rated (about) 550,000, which wasn’t bad, but Dancing with the Stars beat it by 100,000. They wouldn’t have been thrilled with it.

Craddock said the show was ambiguous, with some truthful moments, and thinks it was too early for that approach after Warne died.

Honestly, I thought it was a bit like 1990’s Neighbors, when there was a lot of craft around. But you know what, that was the Warney era, too.

I felt the facts were pretty reliable. When Warney came to Terry Jenner, his coach, for an early morning mentoring session with a mug of beer, and Terry just ripped off his stripes and said, What sacrifices did you make for cricket? Seriously, nothing. It was the truth.

Blue in the West Indies with Stephen Waugh when he was replaced by Stuart McGill. I was there during that, and actually had a blue with Warney because of it. So it was pretty solid.

I just felt it was wrong, too soon. I’m not as hysterical criticizing it as social media, where we have to take it to extremes and take it to the extreme. Knowing that the family suffers from it, and knowing what Warney gave to Channel Nine over the years, I was surprised that it appeared on our screens less than two years after his death.

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