‘I think his comments are the worst, boring as hell’: Ian Chappell and Ian Botham renew feud

My friends said to me, Why don’t you just make up and I said, Well, first of all, if he wants to apologize for the lies he told, I’ll accept it, but why would I make up and be friends with a guy I have nothing in common with, I consider his comments the worst of any long-term commentator, I have no interest in his interests, and I have nothing to talk about with him, Fox Sports quoted Chappell as saying.

In other words, if I sat down at the table with him, I’d be bored as hell, and why would I put myself through such an ordeal? So that probably gives you an idea of how much fun it was to sit down with him. I’d rather have a dentist’s drill than sit with him.

I have nothing in common with this guy except the same name and, okay, we probably both played right handed.

Recalling an episode at the Hilton Hotel, Chappell told News Corp: When he brought a beer glass to my face and said, I’ll cut you from ear to ear, we actually played against each other the next day because I played club cricket for North Melbourne.

I said to him: Buddy, if you cut me with a beer glass, it would confirm what I already think of you, that you’re a coward, but if you cut me with a cricket ball tomorrow, it would mean something. But you’d better let the ball bounce first, because if you do it with a full toss, if I’m capable, I’ll come from your side and hit you over the head with a bat, he added.

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