I swear I would have done it: Travis Head says Johnny Bairstow threatens to kick him out during first Ashes test

And I kind of reminded Johnny that I came out of my cell last week at the end of the over.

I quickly whacked the bat and asked Johnny if he would take the stumps, and he said, I swear I would, and ran off.

A video surfaced online showing Bairstow attempting to take a stump in a similar fashion to fend off Australia’s number three Marnus Labuschagne on Day 3 at Lord’s.

We saw Bairstow try to do that, and I’ve seen it happen several times, Head said.

Giving reference to South Australia’s match against NSW Sheffield Shield, Head said: Remember how Tommy Cooper got it on the SCG. Nevs (Peter Neville) threw a stump on him.

If you put on an England team hat, they get disappointed. But the Australian side, under the letter of the law, which was explained by catching Mitchell Stark the day before, that it would be an out…

I know they were putting the question differently if they were in the same situation, but with all this heat, saying it is a little different than it is at the moment.

England seamstress Stuart Broad has stepped up the war of words against the Australian cricket team, and it’s about a change in legacy after the infamous sandpaper gate incident during the 2018 tour of South Africa.

(Stuart Broad’s comments) about all of Australia waking up and Pat not being captain… He seems to forget that our fans are quite loyal and quite happy with the way the Australians are doing business, Head said.

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