I felt like an outcast: David Warner talks about growing up in a multicultural neighborhood in Australia

My upbringing was very multicultural. I grew up with Turkish heritage, Lebanese heritage, Syrian heritage, Indian heritage, Bangladeshi heritage, Chinese heritage, you name it, Warner said on the Breakfast with Champions show, hosted by Gaurav Kapoor.

Everything was in my school. For me, as an Australian, I almost felt like an outcast because there were so many cultures.

I learned to eat different foods there. A lot of my Greek friends know a lot of their dishes, their cuftas and stuff. A lot of them brought baklava, a lot of desserts…and everything was made by my mother. I was like, Dude, I’ll come to your house to eat… I’m sick of steak and chips at home, I’ll come there because it’s delicious.

Warner remembered the shivers when he first went to visit his childhood friend, a native of Bangladesh, and saw everyone eating on the floor.

He and I grew up playing on the same cricket team as kids. He always aspired to play for Bangladesh…even though he grew up in Australia.

I used to go to his house and eat on the floor. And I’d say: Man, why are we eating on the floor? He: That’s what we do. It’s our culture.

So from a very early age, from about 11 years old, I was already educated before I went on my journey. So I knew what different cultures were, and I loved it.

Warner told me that he only knew the bad words in Bangla and Aami tomake bhalobashi, which means I love you.

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