I didn’t know 4,000 people knew me so well: Travis Head on the hostile English crowd during the first test

There were two other events by which the Chapter remembered the Trial. England’s attempt to bounce him on an even track and the aggressive pitch created for him against offspinner Mouin Ali.

Head said he was not surprised by the bouncer attack as England bowling coach David Sacker used a similar approach against him in domestic cricket in Australia when he coached the Victoria team.

With my pace of scoring, they always had to come somewhere (different places), whether it was wide with six or seven gullies and a couple of deep points, whether it was at my stumps with a stacked outfield, or bouncers with a stacked outfield, he said.It was three plans that I kept in mind, where they would go, depending on the wicket. It was a level track, and England didn’t have the pace like Mark Wood to go at it at full strength with that approach; it remains to be seen how Head will handle it in the second Test at Lord’s.

Moin Ali bowled him with a mid-on and a mid-off in the circle, and in the end Head struck out one ball in a midwicket in the first inning and was caught on a slip with a devilish turn in the second.

It was frustrating to be out, but it was just performance. I felt like the ball was there, I just got a little close to it, Head said of his loss in the first inning. But I’m happy I didn’t overplay the situation. When they (mid-on and mid-off) were on their feet, I might well have been much more aggressive, but I felt like I waited for my opportunities and picked them out slowly. He also has some great balls, so I wasn’t afraid to run past one or be hit by one, and in the second inning he gave me a really good ball. Very good batting.

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