He often uses foul language on the field: Ishant Sharma on MS Dhoni

After I finished bowling, Mahi bhai asked me: Are you tired? I replied: Yes, very tired. Then he said: Son, you’re getting old, quit. said Ishant.

The Delhi inoculant also said that it is not inherent for MS Dhoni to be angry. However, he recalled an incident during a test match when Dhoni got angry when Ishant didn’t collect the shot properly.

I have never seen Mahi bhai get angry except when he threw the ball and it went down. The first time he threw the ball, I saw that look. The second throw was even harder and the ball went down, Ishant said.

On the third throw, he said, ‘Hit the hand. He said it with a swear word, the 35-year-old player said.

Ishant was one of India’s successful fast bowlers in the red ball format. He picked up 311 wickets in 105 matches at an average of 32.4.

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