Gautam Gambhir praises Dhoni: MS Dhoni sacrificed his international victories so that the team could win trophies

It was a blessing for Indian cricket that in MS Dhoni we got a wicketkeeper-batsman who can win matches from No. 7 because he had such a power game, Gambhir said.

MS Dhoni ended his ODI career with 10,773 runs, 10 centuries and 73 fifties. But Gambhir believes Dhoni could have scored a lot more runs if he had played at number 3.

Gambhir also talked about how Dhoni was a selfless captain, putting the team above himself.

If MS had played at number 3, I am sure he could have broken several ODI records.

People always talk about MS Dhoni and his achievements as a captain, and that is absolutely true. But I feel that because of captaincy he sacrificed the bat in him and he could have achieved a lot more with the bat, which he didn’t. And that happens when you’re captain because then you put the team first and forget about yourself.

He started batting at number onem 6 or 7. If he wasn’t captain he’d be #3 in India and I think he could have scored more than he did and could have scored more hundreds.

People always see MC with trophies, but in my opinion he sacrificed his international wins for the team’s trophies, Gambhir said.

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