Free tickets and coupons on sale, women gather in the stands today at the World Cup opener

Lalit Wadhawan, BJP vice-president in Bodakdev district, said the idea of bringing women to the stadium was inspired by the passage of the Women Reservation Bill in Parliament last month.

Around 30-40,000 women from Ahmedabad will watch the game at the stadium tomorrow. Our volunteers have asked for names and they were given tickets today. Tickets upar se aaya hai (We received these tickets from above). Kya hai na, 33 percent women reservation bill bhi pass hua hai (See, even the 33 percent women reservation bill was passed). These women will reach the stadium on their own and they will be given tea and food coupons, Wadhawan told The Indian Express.

Asked whether the party has made any special effort to mobilize women for the opening match, Gujarat BJP spokesperson Yamal Vyas said, We have not made any effort at the party level for something like this. If they (women) come in a large number ofOkay. But the party makes no special effort to do so.

The process of mass mobilization began in the city a few days ago with BJP unit members asking their workers through WhatsApp messages to list the names of women from societies, apartments and their booths who were interested in watching the World Cup game. The message asked the employees to forward the names and cell phone numbers of the women to the designated local manager.

The passes will be valid for women only, who will be given two tokens for tea, one for breakfast and one for a food pack. The workers had sent all the names by 5 p.m. Monday, the handed over message said.

Meanwhile, not a single ticket has been sold for the game between England and New Zealand in the thrilling World Cup final four years ago, with the capacity of the world’s biggest cricket stadium beingIt’s more than 1.3 lakhs.

A senior official of the Gujarat Cricket Association (GCA) said: In other countries, school children are invited to the game as they fill the stadium and create an atmosphere. The only difference is that women will be present in the stands, he said. Asked about who ordered and paid for the tickets, the official declined to comment.

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