Former Indian national team player Praveen Kumar and his son survive Meerut car crash

It could have been much worse. By the grace of God, we are fine, and I am talking to you. I went to give my nephew a ride, but around 9:30 p.m., a huge truck crashed into my car from behind. Thank God it was a big car, otherwise there could have been injuries, Kumar, who lives in Meerut with his family, told PTI. At first I thought only the bumper would be broken, but the car was badly damaged. Last June, Pant also miraculously escaped with a broken bumper when he dozed off at the wheel on the Delhi-Dehradun highway. His luxury car crashed into a road divider and caught fire, leaving him seriously injured. He is now undergoing rehabilitation.

Kumar, best known for his rare ability to swing the ball hard, spent only five years on the international roller coaster.

In 2020, the bowler talked about his struggle with depression, but he is now in good shape.

Last week, Kumar appeared at a promotional event in the nation’s capital, which also featured West Indies star Chris Gayle.

Kumar has often talked about his desire to return to the game, but he has confirmed that he is not currently coaching.

Back home, he is involved in real estate and a restaurant.

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