Dulip Trophy: One hundred Dhruva Shori, fifty Nishanta Sindhu reinforce the North Zone on Day 1

In fact, the 31-year-old had the fourth most runs in the Ranji Trophy the previous season, and all that form and experience was reflected in his pitching that day.

Shori took time to settle in on a clear day in Bengaluru, as NE’s pacers, Jyotin Singh, Palzor Tamang and Dippu Sangma, found some help.

They didn’t have enough pace to crack Shori and his partner Prashant Chopra, but they kept them in suspense by getting far enough away from the batters.

In fact, only 29 runs were scored in the first 15 overs. However, once they figured out the conditions and the bowlers, Shorey and Chopra played more freely, and the runs that had been trickling in became more intense.

North Zone went to lunch at 115 for 2 for 34 ounces, and even those wickets were the result of the batsmen’s indiscretion. Chopra tried to keep the ball from Jotin, but his attempt to put the bat away was delayed, resulting in the ball being scored.

Left-hander Ankit Kalsi could have easily avoided the poke he made against Jotin’s pitch miles from off-stump, but he had to walk away with a golden duck.

NE also got a couple of good wickets in the afternoon session as Prabhsimran Singh’s desire to dominate Imlivati Lemthur led to the catch of Kishen Meetham.

A little later Ankit Kumar was caught by Sangma when NE looked a little shaky at 162 for 4 in the 46th minute. However, Shori and Nishant scored 80 in the fifth wicket

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