Disappointing that some people are willing to do anything to win: Former MSC referee on MS Dhoni’s antics in Qualifier 1

Harper told Mid-Day: Dhoni took the time to let his preferred bowling option have a vital 16th round. That’s the only conclusion I can draw from this disappointing spectacle. The issue for me is the lack of respect for the spirit of cricket and the umpires’ instructions. The captain had other options, but they were ignored.

Dhoni appeared to pause the game for about four minutes for Patirana to be allowed to play the 16th out. This came after officials told CSK skipper Patirana that he was ineligible to play that over because he was off the field for four minutes.

Dhoni then chatted with the umpire and stopped play for about four minutes instead of passing the ball to another bowler, and Patirana was thus allowed to play again.

Perhaps some people are above the law or, in this case, the spirit of cricket. It’s always disappointing to see what some people go to in order to win, Harper said.

Former Australian spinner Brad Hogg also reacted to the incident and wrote: Dhoni took full advantage of his presence by engaging the umpires in a 4-minute discussion that resulted in time running out for Patirana after a long break in the field. The refs laughing about the incident instead of taking control of the situation is not good enough.

Reacting to the incident, Gavaskar remarked on air: You make the referee’s decision. Even if the judge is sometimes wrong in high-pressure situations.

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