Cricket to be included in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics: Report

The Olympics were previously held over cricket in 1900, when England played France in a single match for the gold medal. According to a report, Los Angeles will host a men’s and women’s T20 cricket tournament in 2028, as it did at the recently concluded Asian Games.

The International Cricket Council (ICC), meanwhile, expressed satisfaction with the decision. ICC Chairman Greg Barclay said, We are delighted that LA28 has recommended cricket for inclusion in the Olympic Games program. While this is not a final decision, it is a very important milestone towards cricket making its first appearance at the Olympic Games in over a century.

I would like to thank LA28 for their support in the process of evaluating the new sport over the past two years and we look forward to the final decision being made at the IOC session in India during the Men’s Cricket World Cup next week, he added.

In the previousIn a report in the Indian Express newspaper, Michael Paine, a former marketer and marketing expert, said cricket remains the favorite to receive the grant.

Paine was referring to the current cricket boom in the United States, where some of the biggest technology firms have invested in Major League Cricket. Payne said cricket’s advantage is further enhanced by the fact that the 2032 Olympics will be held in Australia, where cricket is a major sport.

In 2032, the Games will be held in Brisbane, Australia… There will be interest in cricket there… Also, from a business perspective, cricket is booming in America. The Los Angeles (organizing) committee is headed by a gentleman named Casey Wasserman, who is a very astute businessman and in theowns one of the largest sports media groups in the world. He sees the potential of cricket, he said.

In addition, Paine added, the IOC is interested in attracting Indian and South Asian cricket-loving fans.

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