Captain Cheteshwar Pujara is among the four suspended players from the Sussex team

The match referee awarded two fixed penalty kicks, bringing the number of penalties for the season to four, resulting in an automatic 12 point deduction. Pujara was team captain on all occasions and will therefore be involved in the next game against Derbyshire. Referees Paul Baldwin and Ben Debenham repeatedly pointed out to him the need to tone down his treatment, but he failed to improve the behavior of his players.

Following the incident, the ECB issued a statement detailing the reason for Cheteshwar Pujara’s one-match suspension. The statement reads as follows: Rule 4.30 of the Rules of Professional Conduct states that if the same person was the team captain in all matches in which fixed penalties were received, this will be considered a separate offense and the captain will be automatically suspended for one match.

Earlier this season he committed a level one offense himself, for willful mistreatmente with any part of the team.court, equipment or equipment used in a match in a game against Durham.

Carvelas will not play until the investigation into the incident in the game against Leicestershire is complete. Haynes committed a level one offense for the second time this season, while Carson is accused of making inappropriate and deliberate physical contact with another player, which is believed to be related to a subtle attempt to trip Leicestershire batsman Ben Cox as he attempted to make a run during a 499-run chase.

Both have apologized for their behavior. In the heat of the contest during the previous match against Leicestershire, my desperate desire to compete and ultimately win the game led me to cross the line of what is considered acceptable in the spirit of cricket. I would like to apologize to my teammates and all Sussex fans for my actions during the game, Carson said.

I plan to learn from this experience and lead the seHe added: It’s the right thing to do, without losing his fierce determination to take part in all the matches, representing the club.

Haynes, opener and ODI captain, said: In light of the recent game against Leicestershire, I would like to apologize to all Sussex fans for going overboard in terms of discipline on the field. This was out of a pure desire to be involved in the game and help the team win it. I will learn a lesson from this and perform better in future matches for Sussex.

coach Paul Fabras said the incidents only marred a terrific match. It’s disappointing that these incidents overshadowed a fantastic match against Leicestershire and all the hard work that has gone into this season. I am upset for our fantastic members and supporters and can assure them that we will work hard to ensure we don’t find ourselves in this position again, he said.

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