Brandon McCallum’s comments were disappointing, they are clearly upset: Bryce McGain

As you get older and more mature, you realize that the game and its spirit have to be protected, McCallum said.

You have to make decisions in the moment, and they can affect the game and people’s characters.

By the letter of the law, he’s out of the game. Johnny wasn’t trying to make a run. This is one of those cases that is hard to swallow, and if you look at the small pitches, it is incredibly frustrating.

But a lot of people will have their opinions on both sides of the fence. The frustrating thing is that this will be the most talked about event of the great test match.

McGain, who played one Test for Australia, said England clearly looked broken and their captain and coach talk about the spirit of the game.

I think it just shows poor leadership and possibly poor sportsmanship. Ben Stokes talks about the spirit of the game and the coach leads him in that direction.

They are clearly frustrated with this game group, and they are looking for the littlest things to really hang their hat on why this happened.

In cricket, you know these things are not up to you, you can only control what you do, and if Johnny Bairstow had just waited like all the other players did, it wouldn’t have been a problem.

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