BCCI Annual General Meeting: guest players will receive only the match fee, no additional amount

This was discussed and it was decided that BCCI should put an end to it. From now on, states can hire guest players but cannot pay for them in addition to the match fee, said a BCCI member present at the meeting.

Many former Indian cricketers who are ending their careers are trying to move to other states as they are offered lucrative cash offers every year. The BCCI’s decision will prevent more than 100 cricketers across India.

Meanwhile, under another BCCI decision, the annual remuneration will be increased to 100 crore per year and the North Eastern States Association and Pondicherry will get 17.5 crore for organizing cricket in their states.

BCCI urged the association members to spend 85% of the subsidy on cricket development and infrastructure construction rather than keeping the money in bank deposits. Compared to last season, the BCCI’s coffers are again bigger. At the end of the financial year, the Indian board earned Rs 6,558 crOr.in 2022-23, which is an increase of Rs. 2198.23 crores over the last financial year. The BCCI AGM extended the tenure of ombudsman and ethics officer Justice Vineet Saran.

Meanwhile, the BCCI also informed the ethics officer to explore the possibility of charging an escrow amount from those who file a complaint against the BCCI or members of the state association. According to BCCI members, many complaints are filed without any substantial evidence, which wastes the time of the ombudsman and BCCI. To prevent abuse, BCCI members say there should be a monetary limit per complaint. If the complaint is found to be valid, the monetary deposit will be returned.

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