At MSD you got a lot of useful information about running a business: KS Bharat

Bharat explained how Dhoni, by sharing his valuable advice, could help him if he got team management’s approval for the big game at the Oval on Wednesday.

I had a conversation with Mahendra recently during the IPL, Bharat told ICC on Monday.

He (spoke) about his experience of playing in England and what is best for any wicket-taker. It was a very good talk and we learned a lot from it, Bharat added.

He said that Dhoni is just unmatched in understanding the situation.

That realization — the best example is MS Dhoni, his awareness in running the ball is just outstanding, Bharat added.

Gujarat Titans, 29, also believes that his job requires a lot of intention and you have to be really passionate to do a thankless job.

It takes intention and passion to be a keeper, because keeping a keeper is a thankless job. While the debate continues over who Bharat and Ishan Kishan should be in the XI for the WTC finals, the former is the leader, given his experience playing in four Tests.

Bharat, who made the squad as India’s main wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant is recovering from a terrible car accident and his reserve K.L. Rahul is recovering from surgery on his right hip, added that leading the ball brings challenges to take.

You spend 90 overs on Test day and you have to concentrate on every ball, so you have to take the challenge, take it and be really passionate about contributing to the team, Bharat added.

Ahead of the battle for Test supremacy, Bharat’s place in the team is one of the major selection dilemmas facing India under Rohit Sharma. He has played just four Tests, all against Australia, recently at home during the Border-Gavaskar series.

Though he has performed admirably behind the stumps, his batting was dismal, scoring 44 runs in six innings.Bharat’s experience in 90 first-class matches at home, however, may tip the scales in his favor.

Kishan, on the other hand, has yet to make his Test debut and has 48 first-class appearances. However, the young wicketkeeper has achieved more in the batting game than Bharat: He made a double center-half late last year in the Chattogram against Bangladesh in ODIs.

Kishan also made 454 runs for Mumbai Indians in IPL 2023. Left-arm b.etter also brings diversity to a team that is dominated by right-handers.

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